i know you

i know you

but sometimes i forget
i forget how pretty blue your eyes are
i forget how your hair falls down across
your back in spirals when it is tended to
i forget how your smile coaxes more from others
how your laughter fills up a room
i forget how much you care
how your heart fills up so easily
and how strong, oh so very strong you are
i forget how you deserve more than you give yourself
how you are always trying to do, be, give more
i forget that you are harder on yourself than
you would ever be on anyone else around you

i forget that inside you lies a well
full of patience, of understanding, of bliss
and that the source itself is always there
waiting to fill you up
i forget sometimes the peace that lies
in knowing how infinitesimally
perfect you are right now
at this very moment
just as you are

it is here
that i find you
the one who is always here
but sometimes gets lost



  1. well, hello you.

    good to see you again :)

  2. I love this photograph. Great words, too.


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